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IBM Traveler available

 13 Juli 2016 21:03:55
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201607061004_20).

Image:IBM Traveler available brings this new feature:

> IBM Traveler now adds reverse proxy support with Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to the already existing forwarding proxy support.

Note: IBM Traveler does not include a database schema update. However if updating from a version prior to there will be a schema update.

APAR # Abstract
LO87689 Invitee status not updated on Mobile device when external invitee responds.
LO88807 Add the immediately remove invitee from invite on mobile device may not remove the invitee.
LO88916 Invitee status not updated on Outlook client when external invitee responds.
LO88950 Event still appears ghosted on mobile device after process an info update from ghosted entry.
LO89057 Upgrade install technology to prevent MS Windows DLL Loading vulnerability.
LO89097 Traveler device may display EnterSendTo field if SendTo empty for non-draft message.
LO89287 Warning message for NumberFormatException for empty string should be Info log message and not a warning.
LO89357 Update to prevent XML External Entities Injection vulnerability.
LO89358 Same full name contact could sync wrong contact photo.
LO89421 Ghosted entry for non-repeating event Cancel notice may show additional options on mobile device.
LO89499 APNS notifications for IBM Verse for iOS may be in English instead of device preferred language.
LO89501 Attachments and in-line images missing content header may not sync to mobile device.
LO89540 Traveler Utility application should warn if attempting to change the DB2 user name as this may change the schema name as well.
LO89543 Prevent device from renaming folder to null string.
LO89544 Accept reschedule of non-repeating event from ghosted entry on Apple iOS Calendar application may not take effect on server.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

An IBM Traveler full installation package, which will be available by July 21, 2016 on Passport Advantage, can be used to upgrade any previous Traveler server or to install a new environment.

IBM Notes Traveler available

 18 Mai 2016 21:36:35
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201605161610_40).

Image:IBM Notes Traveler available brings this two new features:

> Ghosting of initial invitations on ActiveSync devices
> Database transaction throttling - IBM Traveler servers will now limit the number of and speed of database transactions created

APAR # Abstract
LO85585 Throttle database connections for increased performance.
LO86909 Ghost initial invitations to devices using ActiveSync protocol.
LO88168 Ghosted invitation not removed from mobile device when declined from iNotes.
LO88210 Verse application on iOS receives push notification after edit mail on device.
LO88234 Edit of repeating event from Apple iOS 9.2.1 Calendar application may loose location information.
LO88259 E-mail in MIME format may not render correctly on mobile if document missing charset in header.
LO88295 Traveler cleanup can not cleanup renamed users data.
LO88369 Busy time still shows busy after declining an invitation from mobile.
LO88380 Apple native e-mail application may resync data after encountering expected attachment sync error.
LO88392 Unable to load Traveler task on SUSE 10 server.
LO88430 Traveler server records extra replica server if replica IDs are nearly identical.
LO88452 Limit error logging for Mime attachments that have no data.
LO88527 A database transaction is held open for a long time resulting in transaction log full error.
LO88528 A folder may stop syncing to mobile after replacing the mail file template.
LO88590 Allow delete from mobile when user over quota to help get back under quota.
LO88593 DBAccountsCheck may not cleanup account if account has an invalid hash value stored.
LO88654 Move to trash fails after derby to DB2 data migration.
LO88655 Attachment with excessively long file name may not sync to mobile device.
LO88715 Notes Doc link may not work in Companion application.
LO88860 Particular e-mail or calendar event not found on mobile device due to timing scenario when load balancing a user.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

DNUG Fachgruppe Mobile laedt ein zum IBM Notes Traveler Workshop

 6 Mai 2016 13:07:16
Die DNUG Fachgruppe Mobile bietet im Anschluss an die DNUG Konferenz einen kompakten praxisnahen Workshop sowohl für DNUG-Mitglieder als auch für Nichtmitglieder rund um IBM Notes Traveler an.

Image:DNUG Fachgruppe Mobile laedt ein zum IBM Notes Traveler Workshop


Freitag, der 03.06.2016 - 09:00-15:00

Ort: Rieckhof-Kulturzentrum Hamburg-Harburg

In Rahmen des eintägigen Workshops wird nach einer kompakten Traveler Einführung im Detail auf die Fragestellung eingegangen:

Wie kann Traveler insbesondere bei wachsender Benutzer-/Geräteanzahl performant und ausfallsicher betrieben werden?  

Geplante Agenda:
      •        IBM Notes Traveler Konzept & Funktionsweise
      •        Aufbau einer Traveler Hochverfügbarkeitsumgebung
      •        Benötigte Komponenten (Load Balancer, Datenbank Backend, ...)
      •        Besonderheiten beim Betrieb einer HA Umgebung
      •        Tips & Tricks
      •        Gemeinsame Diskussion und Informationsaustausch  

An dem Tag soll das Thema Informationsaustausch und Best Practices nicht zu kurz kommen und soll im Sinne einer Fachgruppe / Arbeitskreises auch dem Informationsaustausch der Teilnehmer untereinander dienen.

Von daher sind alle (auch DNUG nicht Mitglieder) herzlich eingeladen, an dem Workshop teilzunehmen. Der Workshop wird von mir geleitet und ich würde mich auf jeden Fall auf ein Treffen in Hamburg Harburg freuen.

Hinweis: Falls jemand spezielle Fragen oder Probleme hat, die im Workshop gerne angesprochen werden sollen. Bitte mir diese Punkte im Vorfeld schicken, dann schaue ich, ob diese noch in die Agenda aufgenommen werden können.

Link zur Anmeldung:

SSL Session Data Length Error

 11 April 2016 09:40:42
After upgrading your Domino Server to 9.0.1 FP5 IF1 you may notice more or less often an error on the console:

New SSL session data length of 103 bytes is larger than the
current size of 100 bytes.

IBM published an APAR Request about this issue a few days ago:

Error description
                Since 9.0.1Fp5IF1, the defaults SSL SESSION SIZE is causing the
                following warning to be thrown more often.
                   New SSL session data length of 103 bytes is larger than the
                current size of 100 bytes.
                Default size may be to small for generall SSL and is causing
                the warning

Local fix
                Set SSL_SESSION_SIZE ini to a high value hence extending the

To get rid of this messages set SSL_SESSION_SIZE in your notes.ini to 1024 bytes for example:


Link to the APAR Request: here

tell traveler security delete - no longer needed

 6 April 2016 17:16:04
It is no longer mandatory for administrators to manually perform tell traveler security delete to remove the device security administration data from IBM Traveler after a device has been deleted or reset.

Starting with version, IBM Traveler will automatically quarantine deleted devices and move them into the deleted state. These deleted devices will not be seen in the "Devices" view, however they will continue to be seen in the "Devices Security" view for up to 30 days. IBM Traveler keeps deleted device security data for the 30 day period in order to
  • Publish device security data to the IBM Traveler Web Administration Console so that Administrators can take further action on those deleted devices
  • Allow IBM Traveler Administration REST API consumers query for a list of all deleted devices.
  • Allow sufficient time for any security actions taken against the device to complete.

If there is no device activity for 30 days, the corresponding device security data will be automatically removed. This means any security action previously completed or still pending against the device will be lost. However, if a deleted or reset device happens to connect and/or sync with IBM Traveler within the 30 day window, it will be moved to an active state and will resurface in the "Devices" view.

A notes.ini setting, NTS_ADMIN_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT, is available to customize the 30 day period for security data removal.

If an administrator wants the security data to be immediately removed during device deletion, they can assign a value of 0 to this ini setting. This forces IBM Traveler to remove both the device and its security data when tell traveler delete or tell traveler reset is performed. Any previous security (such as approval, deny, or wipe) actions taken against the device will be immediately lost. In environments where NTS_ADMIN_CLEANUP_TIMEOUT = 0 has been set, we recommend not to delete a device immediately after a security action has been issued. Instead, wait for the server and/or device to complete the action before deleting the device. For example, if a device or application wipe has been issued and the device is deleted immediately following that wipe, even before the device acknowledges the wipe, the wipe action will be lost from IBM Traveler.

Note: There is still no explicit indication available on the IBM Traveler Administration UI to highlight devices in the deleted state. If a device is deleted, it will not appear in the "Devices" view.

Can be found here:!/SSYRPW_9.0.1/tellcommandreference.dita

IBM Notes Traveler available

 15 März 2016 21:09:25
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201603081019_20).

APAR # Abstract
LO87777 Ghosted view of rescheduled event may be missing a previous information update.
LO87835 Warning messaged displayed on server when a user tries to update an event they are not the chair for from iOS 9.x native calendar.
LO87837 Calendar event with DBCS characters in description may sync slowly to IBM Verse mobile client.
LO87872 Sent By may be incorrect when sending mail from IBM Verse mobile and a delegate created the draft message.
LO87916 IBM Verse on iOS may show wrong unread count if the user has multiple devices using different e-mail filter ranges.
LO87975 Parent calendar document with update conflict will not sync to mobile device.
LO88010 Schema may not be upgraded when using DB2 on AIX in Traveler HA environment.
LO88053 Ghosted view of new invitation may remain on mobile device after decline from the Notes client.
LO88065 Out of Memory (OOM) error when sending e-mail from mobile device and the recipient list contains an invalid address.
LO88121 Signed e-mail sent from IBM Verse or IBM Companion may use incorrect signing certificate.
LO88142 Out of Memory (OOM) error when running standalone (Derby) to Enterprise DB migration.
LO88163 Add, then remove, then re-add invitee to a repeating event and the event will not be ghosted on the invitee's mobile device as expected.
LO88164 Reschedule then canceled event may still appear ghosted on iOS 8.x Apple device when using the native calendar application.
LO88166 Cancel all instances of repeating event and the event may still appear ghosted on an iOS 8.x Apple device when using the native calendar application.
LO88203 IBM Traveler server crash due to very long log message.
LO88209 DBAccountsCheck may not show or repair duplicate account if the user is the last one in the list.
LO88214 OrderLatch timeout errors in the IBM Traveler server logs.
LO88244 Reschedule all after cancel one instance of repeating event and the recipient may still see the cancelled event ghosted on an iOS device when using the native calendar application.
LO88245 Ghosted view of repeating event may show incorrect content if the event was first updated then rescheduled.
LO88246 Accept notice may be sent from mobile device when processing a cancellation for the event.
LO88247 Ghosted view of event may not be correct after invitee is removed then re-added to an event.
LO88319 Update APNS certificates for use with IBM Verse client for Citrix enabled Apple devices.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

Call for Abstracts DNUG Conference 2016 in Hamburg

 14 März 2016 22:24:17
Die nächste DNUG Konferenz findet vom 01. bis 02.06.2016 in Hamburg statt!  

Image:Call for Abstracts DNUG Conference 2016 in Hamburg
Image:Call for Abstracts DNUG Conference 2016 in Hamburg

Wer sich als Referent aktiv einbringen möchte, hat hierzu die Chance einen Abstract einzureichen.
Die einzelnen Tracks werden durch die einzelnen DNUG-Fachgruppen organisiert.

Ich selbst bin Mitverantwortlich für die DNUG-Fachgruppe Mobile und würde mich über Abstract zu Mobile-Themen freuen.

Was mir hierbei am Herzen liegt:
Die DNUG ist eine User Group und lebt vom Austausch, der Diskussion und dem Networking untereinander. Daher würde ich mich freuen, wenn nicht nur die üblichen bekannten Sprecher Abstracts einreichen, sondern auch neue Gesichter sich motiviert fühlen, sich einzubringen.
Jeder hat bestimmte Herausforderungen oder Aufgaben bei sich im Unternehmen gemeistert und die sich im Alltag bewährt haben.
Warum diese nicht teilen und im Rahmen eines DNUG Vortrags vorstellen? Andere stehen in der Regel vor den gleichen Herausforderungen - die DNUG ist die Plattform diese Erfahrungen untereinander auszutauschen.

Wenn jemand also zu Mobile-Themen (IBM Notes Traveler, Enterprise Mobile Device & Application Management, interessante Mobile Inhouse Projekte, Best Practices, ...) einen Vortrag halten oder an einer Diskussionsrunde teilnehmen möchte, kann sich gerne bei mir melden oder einfach Online den Abstract einreichen:

Wer selbst keinen Vortrag halten will oder kann, aber gerne ein Thema behandelt sehen möchte, kann mir gerne auch einfach einen Themenvorschlag per Mail schicken oder hier einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Ich würde dann schauen, ob wir hierzu einen Referenten in der Community finden.

IBM Connect Comes To You - Westfalen - 03.03.2016- Bielefeld

 19 Februar 2016 09:44:09
Erfahren Sie alles Wichtige aus Orlando kompakt in der von mir mitorganisierten IBM Connect Comes To You | Westfalen

Image:IBM Connect Comes To You - Westfalen - 03.03.2016- Bielefeld

Termin: 03.03.2016

Start / Ende: 12:30 - 18:00
Ort: Bielefeld - Hotel Bielefelder Hof (direkt gegenüber dem Hauptbahnhof)
Kosten: kostenfrei

Für die Veranstaltung konnten wir als Referenten original Sprecher und Teilnehmer der Connect gewinnen, die ungefiltert Ihre Erfahrungen und Eindrücke schildern und gemeinsam mit Ihnen die aktuellen Themen diskutieren.

Wir stellen die wichtigsten News und interessanten Themen rund um IBM Verse, Project Toscana, IBM Connections, IBM Notes & Domino,IBM Notes Traveler, Mobile, Development und Cloud kompakt in fünf Sessions vor.

Die Teilnahme an der Veranstaltung an sich ist kostenfrei und wird durch Sponsoren getragen.
Keine Angst - es handelt sich bei der Veranstaltung ausdrücklich um keine Produktvertriebsveranstaltung, sondern Fokus ist die Vorstellung und gemeinsame Diskussion der News von der diesjährigen IBM Connect.

Die Veranstaltung ist ins Leben gerufen worden von der OpenUserGroup | Westfalen und wird von mir organisiert.
Nach Abschluss der offiziellen Veranstaltung besteht die Möglichkeit zum gemeinsamen Essen im üblichen Rahmen des 12. OpenUserGroup | Westfalen Stammtisches.

Ich würde mich auf jeden Fall freuen, Sie am 03.03. auf der IBM Connect Comes To You | Westfalen begrüßen zu dürfen.

Details, Agenda und Anmeldung zur IBM Connect Comes To You | Westfalen: hier

After Upgrading to Traveler you may need to run the new DbAccountsCheck Command

 3 Februar 2016 17:01:43
Two weeks ago IBM released a new Version of IBM Notes Traveler

When you upgrade to, Traveler will perform a new check, if doubled account records exists in a specific table of the Derby / Enterprise database. The account records must be unique. But in the past there could be a second record been created under certain circumstances.

You will get more or less of these messages after starting the Traveler server:

"CN=Frank Demo/OU=West/O=Foo has 2 account IDs when there should be only one account ID. You may need to reset CN=Frank Demo/OU=West/O=Foo 2 times.
30 out of 831 users had multiple account IDs and may need to be reset multiple times

To get this fixed you need to run the new DBAccountsCheck Command:

Starting with, the Traveler server has been updated to solve it, but also will create a unique index on the account table to prevent any future possibility of this problem from happening. However, the unique property can not be applied while the account table has non-unique data (i.e., users with multiple accounts). Follow these steps to ensure that no user has multiple accounts.

1) Run DbAccountsCheck command in show mode to determine if the problem exists.

           tell traveler DbAccountsCheck show *

Image:After Upgrading to Traveler you may need to run the new DbAccountsCheck Command

2) If any users are reported with this issue then the account table constraint has not yet been added to the account table. To remove the multiple accounts run a reset * command for the user once for each account. I.E. if the user has two accounts run the reset * command for the user twice. The DbAccountsCheck tell command has a repair option to simplify this operation.

          tell traveler DbAccountsCheck repair

In repair mode it is advisable to run in small batches and during off peak hours to ensure no performance impact on the system. In general batches of 50 or 100 users at a time should pose little impact to the overall system performance.

          tell traveler DbAccountsCheck repair 50

3) Once all users with multiple accounts are cleared up the unique constraint should automatically be added to the account table. To verify run the DbAccountsCheck show option again

Because the repair option will enforce an reset * command, have in mind, that the specific users will get an initial sync for their devices. So running the command in small batches will make sense.

We had to run the DbAccountCheck Command on most of the systems, we already upgraded to

Traveler Scheduled Defragmentation using the DBMAINT Command

 26 Januar 2016 16:03:59
IBM introduced with IBM Notes Traveler a new tool to get better control of the defragmentation of the used relational state database (Derby in Standalone / DB2 or MS SQL in HA).
Before the periodic defragmentation could be configured by using the notes.ini setting NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS. This INI-setting is no longer used by Traveler and will show you a warning:

Image:Traveler Scheduled Defragmentation using the DBMAINT Command

Since you need to configure scheduled defragmentation by using the new DBMAINT-Command:

To check the current config and status:

tell traveler dbmaint show

To enable periodic defragmentation you will have to enable and configure it using this commands:

tell traveler dbmaint set interval 30
tell traveler dbmaint set auto on

From the Traveler documentation:

Running defragmentation on a scheduled basis ( and later)

To perform defragmentation on a scheduled basis, perform the following procedure:
  1        Use the tell command DBMaint set interval in order to set the interval to a number greater than 0. For example, to set an interval of 30 days, enter into the console:tell traveler dbmaint set interval 30
  2        Use the tell command DBMaint set auto on to turn on automatic defragmentation.
  3        To force a defragmentation, enter the command tell traveler dbmaint run. This sets NTS_DEFRAG_ONCE to 1 and the Derby database will be defragmented the next time the IBM Traveler server restarts.

Running defragmentation on a scheduled basis ( to

To run defragmentation on a scheduled basis with IBM Traveler server to, perform the following procedure:
  1        Add NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS to the notes.ini file. For example, to set an interval of 30 days add: NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS=30
  2        Restart the IBM Traveler server. From that point on, if the IBM Traveler server is restarted and it has been 30 days since the last defragmentation, then the defrag operation will run.
  3        To force a defragmentation, simply delete the parameter NTS_LAST_DEFRAG from the notes.ini file and restart the server.

If NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS is set and there is no last defragmentation timestamp, then the server will perform a defragmentation and reset the NTS_LAST_DEFRAG timestamp.

DBMaint Run Immediately performs online maintenance. If the server is standalone, then it will configure maintenance to run on restart.
DBMaint Show Displays various database maintenance scheduling information.
DBMaint Fragmentation Recommends database maintenance based on fragmentation levels.
DBMaint Set Interval days Sets the interval of days in which automatic database maintenance will perform.
DBMaint Set Time hh:mm Sets the time in 24-hour format in which automatic database maintenance will perform.
DBMaint Set Day monday-sunday/off Sets the day of the week on which the first scheduled automatic maintenance will start. Set this to Off if you want the first scheduled maintenance to be based off of the last maintenance time.
DBMaint Set Threshold on/off Configures automatic database maintenance to check fragmentation levels before execution.
DBMaint Set Auto on/off Enables automatic database maintenance. Re-enablement will reschedule maintenance if either the time or interval have changed.
DBMaint Set Indexes number Configures the number of fragmented indexes for the fragmentation threshold.
DBMaint Set Ownership Configures ownership of database maintenance to the executing server. This server will be the only server that can perform automatic database maintenance.
DBMaint Set Percent 0-100 Only applicable for SQL Server. Configures the fragmentation percentage of indexes for the fragmentation threshold.
DBMaint Set Functions 1-4 Only applicable for DB2. Configures the number of functions that are used to determine if an index is fragmented for the fragmentation threshold.