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IBM Mobile Connect 6.1.5 - Connection Manager Fix

 1 April 2013 22:38:41
Seit heute steht ein erstes Fix für IBM Mobile Connect 6.1.5  (Build 20130330) zum Download bereit.

Wer IBM Notes Traveler über IMC einsetzt sollte das Fix zeitnah installieren.

Build Date
IV32014 Traveler Companion may fail to load due sequencing and fragmentation
of the companion POST transaction.
IV32737 Authentication may fail if userid contains an apostrophe. 20121205
IV34192 POLL() on SLES 10.x returns EINVAL in an infinite loop. 20130109
IV33111 Add DENY keyword to application server URL list of supported
prefixes. This allows entering a rule to block specific traffic. Eventually, this function will move to a rules file.
IV35841 HTTP-AS. Add function to allow requests for a root, / , URL to be mapped to a specific path defined by the application server URL setting. 20130125
IV35871 HTTP-AS. Multiple http services should create separate sessions
when accessing via different hostnames.
IV36500 Update GSKit (Global Security Kit) to latest maintenance release, Update is required for IMC on Linux platforms. 20130306
IV36681 HTTP-AS. Sending Traveler mail with large attachments may fail or hang with incomplete data. 20130214
IV36805 HTTP-AS and iNotes CIS issue with redirector path comparisons when path contains uppercase such as /MAIL/... 20130214
IV36874 HTTP-AS add support for sametime meetings client including the
MEETINGS tag. This allows IMC to identify meetings client traffic and challenge with appropriate method.
IV37042 HTTP-AS Routing to incorrect server when Round Robin is set
and more than one type of application server is set.
IV33111f_1 HTTP-AS IMC may lose track of which application server is being
referenced after a 302 redirect takes the user to an undefined
application server URL.
IV37810 HTTP-AS Using multiple applications on the same service may cause problems connecting to the wrong application server. 20130312
IV38597 Make iNotes the default when configured for multiple applications
on the same HTTP Service definition. If IMC can not identify the traffic, and iNotes is configured, return the iNotes server as the default.
IV38609 Connection Manager restarts after a deadlock when client uploads large email messages via Traveler and the backend network slows us down. 20130330

Zum Download: IBM Mobile Connect 6.1.5 Fix - Build 20130330

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