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    IBM Notes Traveler available with important fixes and DB maintenance command

     Oktober 7 2015 05:26:36 PM
    Today IBM released a new Traveler version called

    If you are running a version greater including you should update your Traveler server to, because of LO86445.
    Details can be found here: anyone-else-facing-problems-with-traveler- It is fixed now :-)

    In addition to APAR fixes, this server maintenance release introduces a new Tell command, DBMaint, which can be used to test database fragmentation levels, set scheduled maintenance, and run maintenance to reduce table index fragmentation.

    APAR # Abstract
    LO85584 Explicit commit is not needed for database select statements.
    LO86339 Warning may be displayed for redirect to SSL setting that is not in effect.
    LO86341 Add covering index to improve performance of update queries.
    LO86366 User may stop syncing after migration to HA environment AND change mail template.
    LO86445 Traveler syncs attachments in very small chunks causing mail delays and possible server crash.
    LO86448 Enable Calendar ghosting for ActiveSync devices when running on Domino 8.5.3 server.
    LO86466 Get Error 400 trying to read encrypted e-mail on Companion app for Apple devices.
    LO86496 Server crash on buffer over run error if log message is too long.
    LO86500 Shake to undo folder move in native Apple mail client may not be reflected on server.
    LO86516 PDF attachment not viewable if missing pdf extension.
    LO86521 Principal field is blank on draft e-mail created by IBM Verse mobile client.
    LO86530 Unnecessary error logging e-mails with attachments with no file name.
    LO86562 Individually delete all instances of repeating meeting in IBM Verse mobile client will not delete all entries from server copy.
    LO86610 Threaded e-mail move to folder not shown in new folder in IBM Verse client.

    The new tell traveler DBMaint command will allow a better control and an automatic DB maintenance.

    Command Reference:
    DBMaint Run Immediately performs online maintenance. If the server is standalone, then it will configure maintenance to run on restart.
    DBMaint Show Displays various database maintenance scheduling information.
    DBMaint Fragmentation Recommends database maintenance based on fragmentation levels
    DBMaint Set Interval [days] Sets the interval of days in which automatic database maintenance will perform.
    DBMaint Set Time [hh:mm] Sets the time in 24-hour format in which automatic database maintenance will perform
    DBMaint Set Day [monday-sunday/off] Sets the day of the week on which the first scheduled automatic maintenance will start. Set this to Off if you want the first scheduled maintenance to be based off of the last maintenance time.
    DBMaint Set Threshold [on/off] Configures automatic database maintenance to check fragmentation levels before execution.
    DBMaint Set Auto [on/off] Enables automatic database maintenance. Re-enablement will reschedule maintenance if either the time or interval have changed.
    DBMaint Set Indexes [number] Configures the number of fragmented indexes for the fragmentation threshold.
    DBMaint Set Ownership Configures ownership of database maintenance to the executing server. This server will be the only server that can perform automatic database maintenance.
    DBMaint Set Percent [0-100] Only applicable for SQL Server. Configures the fragmentation percentage of indexes for the fragmentation threshold.
    DBMaint Set Functions [1-4] Only applicable for DB2. Configures the number of functions that are used to determine if an index is fragmented for the fragmentation threshold.

    You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.
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