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New Interims Fix 9.0.1 IF7 for IBM Notes Traveler available

 7 November 2014 17:03:59
Admins start your engines: IBM released tonight a new Interims Fix for IBM Notes Traveler. Please update as soon as possible to this new release, because the last two Interim Fixes 5 & 6 for 9.0.1 were no good ones.

The new Interims Fix will fix the attachment handling issues introduced with IF5 & IF6. More details can be found here.

9.0.1 IF7 includes this Fixes:
APAR # Component Abstract
LO81598 Server Silent install error if trying to set External URL on Linux.
LO81918 Server Slow native memory leak in Traveler server.
LO81954 Server Signed Phone Message document may not sync to mobile device.
LO81960 Server Traveler auto log feature may generate lots of SystemDump files during a database outage scenario.
LO81985 Android Attachment download fails on Android device if file name contains white space characters.
LO82032 Server User may see duplicate calendar events when user does not have delete access to own mail db.
LO82084 Server Traveler Bind debug command may not be persist after restart of the server.
LO82085 Server Unable to sync attachments with plus sign in file name.
LO82103 Server Refresh Traveler server translation for messages sent to mobile device.
LO82109 Server iOS8: Unable to delete some instances of repeating even from mobile device.
LO82133 Server Unable to sync folder that has underscore character in the folder name.
LO82136 Server Error syncing attachments: Entry not found in index.
LO82137 Server Apple Push Notification Services (APNS) Certificates may show as expired.
LO82150 Android Unable to register device if server is slow to respond to registration request.
LO82183 Server iOS8: Out of Office reply message may not be saved.
LO82214 Server Red server status message for long running DS thread for when the thread is idle.
LO82233 Android Some attachments can not be viewed or shared on Android device.
LO82251 Server Allow NTTrack field to store entire device ID if desired.
LO82282 Server Unable to forward some attachments from mobile device.
LO82292 Server Room information may disappear from device Calendar when updating a repeating event from mobile device.
LO82366 Server Traveler Web Administration application may fail to load after upgrading Domino server.
LO82399 Server Update notice sent from device may show as an update request in Notes client.
LO82405 Server Some attachments can not be sync'd to mobile device.
LO82411 Server Work around for Calendar notice that continue reports as updated.
LO82423 Server Use TLS instead of SSLv3 for server to server communication.
LO82432 Server Android client could get stuck in banned state when trying to register.
LO82553 Server Draft or Sent item with exclude from view tag does not sync to mobile device.
LO82635 Android Warn user when connecting over unsecured protocol and require manual step to enable.

Following IFs are available: 8.5.3 UP2 IF8, 9.0.0.x IF8 and 9.0.1 IF7

The downloads can be found here.
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