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    Anyone else having problems with Traveler

     17 Juli 2015 16:15:35
    I would like to ask you:

    Are you having issues with the latest IBM Notes Traveler version, too?

    Two of our customers already updated their Traveler HA systems to and they are having trouble:

    1. Already enrolled devices are getting an new initiale Sync after Update

       As we can see in the Traveler log, some (not all) devices are starting a new initial sync.
       That behaviour starts after the update to

    2. Users with mail files on remote servers are no longer getting new mails.

    After upgrading Traveler from IF7 to at customer side, we are facing problems with mail synch that no longer works reliable and we are seeing a lot of 503 / Time+out+waiting+for+thread errors..

    "07/10 12:07:03.539" "" Worker-0940 "CN=Frank Test /OU=ATHU/O=COMPANY/CÞ" "action=syncAS&cmd=Sync&CollectionId=4&SyncKey=34&Comment=(Timed+out+waiting+for+thread+DS-0a10%5B4%5D%5BA5661DA5C6F37131D7602CB660B2EA8D%5D%5B17778858%5D+to+complete.)" dp 503 20311 "Apple-iPhone5C2/1208.143" ApplC9LJMYU71234 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

    After the update endusers are reporting, that they will not receive any new mails.

    We already checked the connection between the Traveler and Domino Mail server, where all looks fine and we think, that there is something going wrong in the new Traveler release.

    We are able to reproduce the behaviour.

    The customer is running three different Traveler environments:

    Test (Traveler & Domino 9.0.1 FP4 )
    Production ( Traveler & Domino 9.0.1 FP4)
    Production Pilot (Traveler IF7 & Domino 9.0.1 FP2 HF384)

    We configured three different mail profiles for the same user on the same device. Every profile is using a different Traveler environment. The device is connected using internal WiFi.

    Test & Production  --> Issues with mail sync
    Production Pilot --> working

    We open for both issues PMR's, but we are still waiting for an answer from IBM.

    So, if you are planing to upgrade to Traveler - At the moment I can not recommend it!  

    Update 24.09.2015:

    The issue still exists in Traveler :-(
    The customer got a Hotfix this week for and it looks like the Hotfix solves the issue.
    The Hotfix No. is 9017_20150918_1316_Server_Win.



    1Günther Rupitz  20.07.2015 09:55:12  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Wir haben mit Version auch massive sync-Probleme. 15-50% unserer Benutzer bekommen nur zeitweise neue emails.

    PMR ist am laufen, ich musste Dokumente mit denen es die sync-Probleme gibt hochladen.

    2Detlev Poettgen  20.07.2015 09:57:54  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Hallo Günther,

    danke für deine Antwort. Das Gleiche bei uns.

    Der IBM Support vermutet, das es (immer noch) an bestimmten MIME-Mails in den Mail-Datenbanken liegt.

    Einige betroffene Datenbanken ebenfalls der IBM zur Verfügung gestellt. Warten noch auf eine Antwort.

    3Grant  20.07.2015 16:53:12  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Having issues with people on remote servers on IF7 too - big sync issues. Older verson on 8.5 seems to be fine

    4Alex Heller  24.07.2015 07:54:44  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Ähnliches Scenario hier. Seit dem Upgrade auf ( LO84879 hat bei uns für viel Verwirrung gesorgT ) hatten wir den ersten Crash seit dem Aufsetzen des Travelers. IBM ist ratlos, da die ntraveler.exe abnormal beendet wurde. Somit warten auf den nächsten Crash...

    Ich hoffe nicht, dass sich die gleiche Datenqualität wie bei den Domino Fixes einstellt.

    5Detlev Poettgen  24.07.2015 09:38:27  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Hallo Alex,

    danke für deinen Post.

    Ich rufe dich heute einmal hierzu an.

    6Sean Murphy  24.07.2015 16:18:04  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    IBM says there are no Hot Fixes currently for since we checked with them this week.

    I a hesitant to install this update however. Any feedback on your issues from IBM?

    7Detlev Poettgen  24.07.2015 16:40:06  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Our PMR is still open and IBM Support is analyzing the issue.

    Will post an update as far we have received a solution from IBM.

    8Ole Schultz  03.08.2015 15:33:27  Anyone else having problems with Traveler


    Any update ?

    9Detlev Poettgen  03.08.2015 16:58:20  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Sorry, no update :-(

    The PMR is still open and we have no solution beside moving the users to a Traveler server running an old release.

    10Julian  04.08.2015 15:33:28  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    HI Detlev

    what exactly means 'old release'?

    - we also have some resync issues since upgraded to!

    11Hartie  04.08.2015 20:37:05  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Hi Julian,

    old release means a downgrade to Traveler (IF7) 201411031536

    which was the last good Traveler version before the upgrade to 9.01.6.

    What do you mean by "some resync issues"?

    We see

    - lots of 503 service unable erros in domlog

    - corresponding to timed-out waiting errors in Traveler usage log

    - lots of long running DS threads in "tell traveler status"

    Users experience that their mail sometimes is delivered in time, but often "cannot connect ot server" when refreshing their inbox.

    12Detlev Poettgen  05.08.2015 15:22:09  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    There is an inofficial Hotfix available. Which will fix a few things:

    - LO85507 - Meeting notice not removed from inbox when deleted from BB10 device.

        - LO85581 - Folder updates cause folders to be subscribed on the SyncML protocol using devices

        - LO85728 - APNS: Update To Dos certificates before they expire again on 20150910

        - LO85705 - Mime Documents without Mime headers are not processed correctly

        - LO85730 - Crash on stackoverflow causes fatal error on Traveler task

        - LO85746 - Signal 11 crash in OSTranslate on mime documents

        - LO85767 - Object has been removed/recycled error appears in error logs and user stops syncing    

      - LO85798 - Multiple accepts received for repeating event that only has parent document

        - LO85823 - Mime attachments that have an unknown content or sub

        - LO85857 - Skip recycled items in device profile to avoid sync failure from exception

        - LO85880 - Mark as unread synced to server but not reflected in Notes client (Android only)

        - LO85885 - Body fields as text with PDF attachments were not able to be downloaded to the device

    At the moment you can open a PMR to obtain a fix.

    We will have to do some tests, if it will fix our discribed issues, too.

    I will post an update here.

    Thx to Matteo Bisi for posting -

    13Thibaud Maes  19.08.2015 09:14:42  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Hi Detlev,

    Thanks for blogging about your findings at customers.

    We're actually running + Hotfix.

    As many of you, we also see many mime & attachment sync errors.

    We're waiting on a stable release to upgrade our servers.

    Is the issue you describe solved with this latest hotfix?

    We can't afford the issue you describe...


    Kind regards,


    14Detlev Poettgen  19.08.2015 19:28:23  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Hi Thibaud,

    yes, these mime console messages should be fixed with

    But may be you will run into the same issues we are seeing.


    15Thibaud Maes  03.09.2015 12:27:35  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    hi Detlev,

    I just wanted to check if solved this strange issue for your customer?

    Thanks in advance.


    16Detlev Poettgen  27.09.2015 17:56:30  Anyone else having problems with Traveler

    Finaly we received a Hotfix for this week, which fixed it.

    IBM released an APAR entry, which explains what is fixed in this Hotfix.

    "Traveler server crashes with many threads in

    jniConvertBodyToHtml (and more explicitly in the Domino API

    MIMEGetDecodedEntityData), which take a very long time to run.

    This is because MIMEGetDecodedEntityData was only getting very

    few bytes at a time when attempting to process inline

    images/attachments in a document from a remote mail server,

    causing the server to back up and eventually crash.

    Traveler server was updated to prevent unnecessary calls to

    MIMEGetDecodedEntityData, and ensure that it does not attempt to

    stream files in very small chunks."

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