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IBM Notes Traveler 9.0 Interim Fix 1 available

 10 Mai 2013 20:25:58
Today IBM releases Interim Fix 1 for IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.

APAR # Component Abstract
LO74548 Server Apple device may show duplicate attachments for Mime content mail.
LO74670 Server Migration from 853 UPx might stall when using DB2 back end.
LO74886 Server Some TIFF format images may not sync to Mobile device.
LO74930 Server Apple device may show old Ghost entry for rescheduled repeating meeting.
LO74961 Server Accept notice may be sent when autoprocessing reschedule for a declined repeating meeting.
LO74872 Server Encrypted mail may not honor the prevent copy flag.
LO74989 Server User may not be able to register a new device when their primary mail server is unavailable.
LO75023 Android Some inline images may not be displayed on Android device.
LO75029 Android Day of the week headers missing from Month view on some Android devices.
LO75059 Server Companion link may be incorrect on device after the mail in question is moved to a folder on the server.
LO75075 Server Mail server out of service state change not detected until restart of Traveler server.
LO75076 Server Companion application will prompt for password when server configured not to require password.
LO75121 Server High CPU for nhttp when Notes Traveler is streaming attachments.
LO75124 Server Attachments not syncing to Windows Tablet devices.
LO75132 server Duplicate sent folder items seen on BlackBerry 10 device.
LO75136 Server Device may loop on unexpected configuration change reducing battery life and increasing data usage.

Goto to Fix Central to download the Fixes: Fix Central

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