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IBM Notes Traveler Interim Fix 1 available

 27 August 2013 20:01:19
Today IBM releases Interim Fix 1 for IBM Notes Traveler

An updated Version of the IBM Companion and Todo App v9.0.0.2 hit the AppStore already yesterday.
APAR # Component Abstract
LO76180external link Server Some embedded mime attachments are not viewable on mobile device.
LO76265external link Android Mail client on Android may crash if encounters empty image tags.
LO76400external link Server Streamed cache access may block other device sync threads increasing sync times.
LO76474external link Server Change default to not enforce ACL on corporate address book look up.
LO76476external link Server Notes Traveler still accessing mail server after it was marked restricted.
LO76487external link Server derby.index-stat-thread using excessive CPU for upgraded stand alone setup.
LO76547external link Server Sync loop possible when server unable to delete documents from mail database.
LO76550external link Server BB10 device always request entire mail results in high data usage.
LO76570external link Android Prevent copy mail not working on Android when device client upgrade from earlier version.
LO76603external link Server BB10 devices show two copies of sent mail on device.
LO76617external link Android Android client not able to connect when web client install disabled.
LO76626external link Server Remote mail server reports Busy should still be accessed by Notes Traveler.
LO76647external link Server Signed mail sent from Android device does not retain signed information.
LO76683external link Server Sent and Draft folder not synced when mail database has multiple languages.
LO76687external link Server Cancelled event may reappear on chair's calendar.
LO76690external link Server Invitee Status may be lost on BB10 device.

Goto to Fix Central to download the Fixes: Fix Central

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