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IBM Notes Traveler - What is new

 29 Juli 2013 21:48:05
Attachment security settings

New for, Attachment Security Settings can now be defined for Apple iOS devices and the IBM Notes Traveler client running on Android devices. Using the Approved Application interface, the IBM Notes Traveler administrator defines which applications on the mobile device are allowed to open or view attachment data from Domino mail messages or To Do documents.

Out of office support for Android and iOS devices

IBM Notes Traveler now supports "Out of office" functionality on Android and iOS devices. This allows you to configure a variety of settings that determine how IBM Notes Traveler responds when you receive mail while away from the office.

Support for Prevent Copy messages on Android and iOS devices

When sending a message from the Android client, you may now prevent the receiver from copying or forwarding the message. For mail programs that honor this setting, the recipient(s) will not be able to select text in the message, reply to, or forward it. For mail programs that do not honor the setting, the recipient(s) will not be able to see the body of the message. IBM Notes Traveler will honor this setting when it receives messages marked private.

Attachment streaming optimizations

The IBM Notes Traveler administrator setting Maximum Email Attachment Size Allowed - Administrator now only applies to the older Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian devices. Improvements in the IBM Notes Traveler server no longer require an artificial limit to be placed on attachment size for other devices.
This is because all attachments are efficiently streamed to the mobile device messaging clients. This repairs an issue with Apple iOS clients where it was possible to select Download the rest of the message which would remove all attachments if they were larger than the default maximum size of 4MB.

Online meeting field support Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone/RT/Pro devices

Online meeting information is now synced to IBM Notes Traveler supported devices. Data pertaining to an online meeting is displayed in meeting notices and meetings. The Android client has also been enhanced to include fields for online meeting information. For all other devices, the online meeting data is prepended to the body of meeting notices and the meeting description. Online meeting data includes URL, password, meeting ID, and call in information.

Note: Online meeting data is read-only on the device. Meeting chairs cannot supply online meeting information for new meetings created on the device.

Meeting room information on Apple devices

Room information for meetings is now appended to the location field for meetings by IBM Notes Traveler.
Apple devices may truncate the display of location information preventing the user from seeing the Rooms information. IBM Notes Traveler also now prepends the room information in the body of meeting notices and the description of meetings on Apple devices when the location field contains enough data to cause its display to be truncated. The room information is prepended in same manner as the support for online meetings.

Android client enhancements

IBM Notes Traveler on Android devices now contains the following improvements:

Widget updates
When adding a mail widget to the home screen, you can select from a list of default and personal folders for customizing your widget. Once selected, the mail widget displays all mail items contained within the selected folder. Multiple mail widgets can be added to the home screen and customized differently.
Calendar events and invitations now show conflicts
In the details view for a calendar event or invitation, the client now displays all other events in the user's calendar (that have been synced to the device) that conflict with the event being viewed.
Navigate to a specific date in the By Due Date view in To Do's
This feature allows the user to input a specific date to navigate directly to in the By Due Date view.
Option for always Blind copying yourself when composing mail
A new preference in the Mail settings that, when enabled, will always add the user to the Bcc field for all new messages composed on the device. The user can still remove their name from the Bcc field before sending, if desired. The setting can be enabled from Settings > Applications > Other Mail preferences > Always Bcc myself.
Android client now available in the Google Play store
You can now get IBM Notes Traveler for Android devices directly from the Google Play store. For more information, refer to this article.

Meeting support enhancements

Support for iOS device meeting modification "Save for future events"
IBM Notes Traveler no longer merges a meeting split into separate meetings by iOS back together. Instead, the default behavior is to reject changes from an iOS device that splits a meeting. The chair receives a mail indicating IBM Notes Traveler rejected the update and the meeting is restored to its prior state on the device. The notes.ini setting NTS_AS_ALLOW_MEETING_SPLIT=true can be used to allow meetings to be split. Once a meeting is split, users must manage each instance separately from IBM Notes and their devices.
This addresses issues associated with managing attendees and generating correct meeting notices for split meetings that were merged together by the server. Prior to using NTS_AS_ALLOW_MEETING_SPLIT=true you should check the Known limitations with Apple Devices and Lotus Notes Traveler Wiki article, as well as the Apple limitations and restrictions A9 and Server limitations and restrictions information.
Update notice support
IBM Notes Traveler now sends update notices instead of reschedule notices when the chair modifies a meeting from their device but does not change the date or time. In the case of removing an attendee, an update notice will be sent instead of a cancellation. Previously, a cancellation was sent by IBM Notes Traveler for a recurring meeting.
Update notice support allows attendee status viewed by a meeting chair using the IBM Notes client to be maintained correctly by IBM Notes Traveler.

Support for attachments and inline images on Windows Pro and RT devices

You can now download and view attachments and inline images on your Windows device.

Removal of Android 2.1 support.

IBM Notes Traveler now requires Android 2.2 and greater. Android 2.1 is no longer supported

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