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IBM Notes Traveler available

 März 15 2016 08:09:25 PM
Today IBM released a new Traveler version called (Build: 201603081019_20).

APAR # Abstract
LO87777 Ghosted view of rescheduled event may be missing a previous information update.
LO87835 Warning messaged displayed on server when a user tries to update an event they are not the chair for from iOS 9.x native calendar.
LO87837 Calendar event with DBCS characters in description may sync slowly to IBM Verse mobile client.
LO87872 Sent By may be incorrect when sending mail from IBM Verse mobile and a delegate created the draft message.
LO87916 IBM Verse on iOS may show wrong unread count if the user has multiple devices using different e-mail filter ranges.
LO87975 Parent calendar document with update conflict will not sync to mobile device.
LO88010 Schema may not be upgraded when using DB2 on AIX in Traveler HA environment.
LO88053 Ghosted view of new invitation may remain on mobile device after decline from the Notes client.
LO88065 Out of Memory (OOM) error when sending e-mail from mobile device and the recipient list contains an invalid address.
LO88121 Signed e-mail sent from IBM Verse or IBM Companion may use incorrect signing certificate.
LO88142 Out of Memory (OOM) error when running standalone (Derby) to Enterprise DB migration.
LO88163 Add, then remove, then re-add invitee to a repeating event and the event will not be ghosted on the invitee's mobile device as expected.
LO88164 Reschedule then canceled event may still appear ghosted on iOS 8.x Apple device when using the native calendar application.
LO88166 Cancel all instances of repeating event and the event may still appear ghosted on an iOS 8.x Apple device when using the native calendar application.
LO88203 IBM Traveler server crash due to very long log message.
LO88209 DBAccountsCheck may not show or repair duplicate account if the user is the last one in the list.
LO88214 OrderLatch timeout errors in the IBM Traveler server logs.
LO88244 Reschedule all after cancel one instance of repeating event and the recipient may still see the cancelled event ghosted on an iOS device when using the native calendar application.
LO88245 Ghosted view of repeating event may show incorrect content if the event was first updated then rescheduled.
LO88246 Accept notice may be sent from mobile device when processing a cancellation for the event.
LO88247 Ghosted view of event may not be correct after invitee is removed then re-added to an event.
LO88319 Update APNS certificates for use with IBM Verse client for Citrix enabled Apple devices.

You can download the update as usual on IBM FixCentral.

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