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IMPORTANT - Upgrading HCL Verse for iOS v10-0-7

 13 September 2019 17:07:50
HCL is planing to release a HCL washed IBM Verse for iOS app with the version number v10.0.7 in the next few days.

As an administrator you should read the following Technote article HCL published yesterday.

Be aware that already installed IBM Verse for iOS apps will do a reset of the already synced data and will start an new initial sync. Traveler will handle after the upgrade the device as a new additional device with a new Device-ID.

The old IBM Verse for iOS Device-ID looked like IBM_IOS_xxxxx. The new HCL Verse for iOS Device-ID will look like HCL_IOS_xxxxx

If you are using the Traveler device approval function, you will have to approve the "new device" again.

So be prepared.

For customers using our midpoints traveler.rules ( ) application will publish an updated version next week, which will handle this and will take care that the "new device" will automatically gets appoved.

IMPORTANT: Required reading for Administrators - Upgrading from IBM Verse for iOS to HCL Verse 10.0.7 for iOS

Starting with HCL Verse 10.0.7 for iOS (when it is available), the application is now transferred to an HCL Technologies Apple account and is signed by an HCL-owned certificate.

Expect the following changes:

The Verse application is being rebranded to HCL Verse.  Not all references to IBM have been removed in this release.
The Verse application will no longer be able to access any data that the previous IBM signed versions had stored on the keychain.  Therefore, you will be prompted for your password after you upgrade to 10.0.7 and launch the application for the first time.  If you choose to remove an existing version and then install 10.0.7, then the user will be required to reconfigure the client.  This is not a change in behavior.  However, for reasons stated below, we recommend you upgrade over your previous version of the Verse application.  Note that the same applies when upgrading from the IBM ToDos application to the HCL ToDos application (when available).
The device ID generated by iOS will change (clients managed by IBM Maas360 and MobileIron are not affected).  Moving to the HCL account caused a change in the development team ID for the IBM Verse application.  This team ID is input to the Apple API that the application uses to generate a unique device ID.  The result is a different device ID which will be used when communicating with the Traveler server (in the form HCL_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx).  After installing 10.0.7, the client application will look like a new device to the Traveler server.  You can see your new device ID on the About screen under Verse settings, the user's Traveler home screen or in the Traveler Administration view.  A new device ID will have the following effects:

After you install 10.0.7 (either new or as an upgrade), the device will re-sync because Traveler treats the device as a new device because of the device ID change.  You will see all mail in the all folders disappear and then start to re-populate.  There is no way to avoid this re-sync, so plan accordingly.
 A new profile document will be created for the new device ID (HCL_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx) by the Traveler server.  This means all your preferences (things like days to sync, signature, etc) will be set to the defaults. However, if you take the recommended approach of upgrading (installing 10.0.7 over the top of a previous version), the Verse application will recognize the previous install and push all of your local preferences up to the server so that the new profile document is populated with your device preferences rather than the defaults.
If device approval is enabled on the Traveler server, the IBM Verse client may need to be re-approved depending upon the automatic approval settings.
The old device id (IBM_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx) will appear in the user's device list until it is either reaped by the Traveler Server due to inactivity or deleted by the Administrator
The user may see duplicate notifications on the device for a period of time, typically 24 hours from the upgrade, because both the old and new device IDs are active on the server.  There is no way for the new application to tell the server to stop sending notifications for the old device ID.  After that period, the Traveler server will mark the old device as offline and stop sending notifications to the old device ID.

IBM Verse for Android is not affected by this change.


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