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Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2 IF2 available

 15 April 2013 17:47:57
Today IBM releases a new Interims Fix 2 for Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2.

Please check the following fixlist:
APAR # Component Abstract
LO74168 Server Unable to modify event alarm from Apple device for non-repeating calendar entry.
LO74188 Server Cancel from attendee on Apple device may generate a duplicate meeting.
LO74197 Server Mail sent encrypted from Apple Companion application may not be readable by another Notes user.
LO74199 Server Excessive errors logged on Domino console when downloading attachments.
LO74209 Server Servlet user cache not cleared until restart of the server.
LO74263 Android To Do without a due date may not sync to Android device.
LO74274 Android Remove start date from To Do and UI returns to wrong place.
LO74317 Server If attendee has MailTo: link, send will fail from Apple device.
LO74331 Server Potential conflict autoprocessing cancellation notices on Notes Traveler server.
LO74341 Server Mime message may not honor the $KeepPrivate flag.
LO74367 Server Device Approval message has wrong translation in Spanish.
LO74386 Server Config option to turn off auto processing of Calendar events.
LO74458 Server Audit log may record DB password.
LO74547 Server Update to event from Apple device may cause BES server to temporarily remove entry from BB device.
LO74551 server Delegate calendar user may see Ghosted private entry.
LO74569 Server Some MIME messages generate datetime exception on Console.
LO74623 Server Appointment created from Android syncs as a Meeting.
LO74638 Server Silent install issue with 8.5.3 UP2 IF1.
LO74644 Server After upgrade, sync type for Apple device may be blank in Web Admin.
LO74676 Server Honor ACL control by default for Corporate Look up.
LO74709 Android Search mail on device may not show most recent items.
LO74721 Android MailTo link with encoded character may not work on device.
LO74736 Server Accept notice received when removing attendee from a meeting.
LO74764 Server Security view takes a long time to load in Web Admin on Stand Alone server.

Goto to Fix Central to download the Fixes: Fix Central
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