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Lotus Traveler

 14 November 2011 20:21:39
Noch diese Woche ist mit dem Fixpack1 für Lotus Traveler zu rechnen.
Hiermit werden die in meinem vorherigen Blogpost (update-ios5-traveler-show-stopper.htm) geschilderten Probleme mit bereits auf iOS 5 aktualisierten Geräten gefixt.

Hier die Feature & Fixlist:

Lotus Traveler is a maintenance release that contains APAR fixes plus a few enhancements for the Lotus Traveler server and clients. The information below outlines the changes included. Please be sure to review the Lotus Traveler Product Documentation for additional information.

Feature List

     •        Support Soft keys in Symbian Belle Operating System
    •        Mail Launcher for Symbian S^3 Devices
    •        Support Folder Management Features on Apple iOS 5 and Later Devices
    •        Support for Follow Up Flags on Apple Devices
    •        Confirm External Recipients on Android Devices
    •        Allow Scheduling of Database Defragmentation for Enhanced Performance (Improved in 8531)

Fix List

APAR # Component Abstract
LO62996 Server Cancel "This and Future" from Apple device not handled as expected.
LO64280 Server Upgrade on Linux OS may cause classpath issues since program directory changes.
LO64553 Server Silent install on Linux ignores user and group name from file.
LO64563 Android Plain text mail does not wrap correctly on Android device.
LO64602 Server Initial sync takes longer than expected when syncing large number of documents.
LO64693 Server Database exception not logged during startup.
LO64714 Server Large calendar item may cause calendar issue on Android client.
LO64718 Server Server install may hang if server document or server ID is secured.
LO64722 Server Exception during startup of Lotus Traveler server.
LO64744 Android Device connects at midnight regardless of auto sync settings.
LO64972 Android Mail sent from device missing carriage returns when viewed in plain text format.
LO65055 Nokia Reply to signed mail and user is prompted to sign the reply.
LO65075 Server Apple iOS5 devices may try to repeatedly sync folders.


Das Fixpack ist inzwischen verfügbar:

Fix Central

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