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Announcing - Lets Encrypt for Domino v2.0 - Just Do SSL

Detlev Poettgen  März 28 2018 04:07:34 PM
We are pleased to announce today the new version 2.0 of Let's Encrypt 4 Domino aka LE4D

Image:Announcing - Lets Encrypt for Domino v2.0 - Just Do SSL


If you are already using LE4D, be sure to update to the new version 2.0.  
Starting March, 16th, the renewal of certificates generated with version 1.0 is longer possible due to a changes Let's Encrypt made to their CA-API-infrastructure.

What is new in LE4D 2.0

LE4D 2.0 uses the ACME v2 protocol, based on Java 8, and is supported on Domino 9.0.1 FP8 + on Windows & Linux.
The complete code is now contained in a single Java agent.  
The internal communication between the agent and the XPage in LE4D 1.0, which controlled the certificate generation and renewal, is therefore eliminated.

The support for wildcard certificates is not included in this version, but will be available in the next few weeks.  

How to upgrade to LE4D 2.0

Already existing LE4D users should already received an email from me with the new version.

To upgrade an existing installation simply replace the design of your LE4D application with the new template.
You can delete the data in the LE4D workdir. The data does no longer work with the new ACME v2 protocol.

LE4D has been tested on Domino 9.0.1 FP8, FP9 and FP10 on both, Windows and Linux. There are no known issues.

For further information on how to do a first time setup refer to the documentation. The documentation is part of the zip package.

I made an additional blog post regarding possible issues and how to solve them: midpoints LE4D 2.0 Some Hints

If you have any feedback or suggestion, pls. let us know.

Let' Encrypt !