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Domino 10 - NSD no longer installs or runs as service

 11 Oktober 2018 20:28:54
If you misse the NSD Service after the upgrade to v10, don't panic. The upgrade worked like designed.
NSD no longer available to be run as a service in Domino and Notes 10.0

As of IBM Notes and Domino 10, Notes System Diagnostics (NSD) can no longer be installed and run as a Microsoft Windows service on Notes clients or Domino servers.  If you upgrade to release 10 from a previous release of a Domino server or Notes client that ran NSD as a service, the NSD service is uninstalled.
If you run NSD as a service in Notes or Domino 9.x, for reliability, best practice is to uninstall it. For information, see the section Uninstalling the NSD service in this topic in the Domino 9.0.1 documentation in Knowledge Center.

via IBM Technote: