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IBM Announces Investment in Notes Domino Version 10 and Beyond

 Oktober 25 2017 06:26:48 PM
Today Inhi Cho Suh - General Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions - published a blog post with a great news:

Image:IBM Announces Investment in Notes Domino Version 10 and Beyond

IBM Notes Domino v10 is planed for 2018!

To continue innovation in the collaboration space, IBM is investing in its long-term roadmap of the Domino product family – Domino, Notes, Sametime and Verse – in 2018 and beyond. To show IBM’s level of commitment to stakeholders, the company is entering into a strategic partnership with HCL Technologies to begin delivering on the roadmap with the intent to release version 10 of the Domino portfolio next year. The goal of the partnership is to drive future development of the Domino product family, energize the offering, and protect clients’ investments.
As a component of the partnership, IBM and HCL are unveiling the Domino 2025 Jam to gather feedback and suggestions that will shape the future of this portfolio. Activities such as interactive face-to-face workshops in select cities worldwide, virtual events that drive broad participation, and user group events and “pop-up” meetings on-demand will be part of the Domino 2025 program. These community engagements are intended to help increase client and lab advocacy and serve as a way for groups to provide feedback on feature updates and the future direction of the Domino product family.

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