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IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF6 and IF7 available

 15 September 2014 10:18:03
Admins start your engines to be prepared for iOS8:

IBM shipped today a new Interim Fix for Traveler 9.0.1 IF6 and for older versions ( IF7 / 8.5.3 UP2 IF7) too.

If you are already on 9.0.1 feel free to update and as always keep your Traveler server up-to-date!

APAR List for 9.0.1 IF6:
APAR # Component Abstract
LO81050 Server Too many instances of a calendar event may prevent Notes Client from displaying the event.
LO81078 Server Reply to meeting notice may get delivery failure if lookup fails for canonical name.
LO81115 Android Rotating device during corporate lookup may result in two progress bars.
LO81121 Android Compose mail on Android may display as double spaced for the recipient.
LO81174 Android Corporate lookup from Contacts app not showing all fields available.
LO81208 Android Auto sync may be disabled after upgrade of Android client.
LO81358 Android Wipe command for Android shows as pending even though it was executed on device.
LO81446 Server Newly registered user may fail to sync all folders with Apple device.
LO81493 Server Very large plain text e-mail could impact server performance.
LO81514 Server Some attachments may not download to Mobile device.
LO81546 Server Approval pending devices may not show up in the device security view of web administrator.
LO81574 Server Drifting OS Clock could result in one or more Traveler HA servers being marked as offline.
LO81611 Server Device may resync data if sync requests received out of order.
LO81640 Android Sound notification on Android for new mail may play more then necessary.
LO81602 Android Device approval for Android device may not be sent in the device language.
LO81628 Server Defrag of derby database should rebuild constraint indexes.
LO81659 Server Attachment may not download when name includes iso-2002-jp encoded special characters.
LO81719 Server iOS8: Support Out of Office departure and returning dates for ActiveSync devices.
LO81732 Server Cleanup orphan user and device entries from web administration views.
LO81743 Server Attachment may not download when has Ampersand in the name.
LO81748 Server Apple device may get stuck in a Calendar sync loop.
LO81757 Server User listener registration may fail if Traveler database is not reachable.
LO81815 Server Send mail from older Windows Phone device may have corrupt UTF-8 characters.
LO81842 Server iOS8: Support registering new Traveler Companion and ToDo applications on Apple iOS 8.x devices.
LO81898 Server Update the Apple Push Network (APNs) certificates.
LO81908 Server Device may stop receiving updates if MIME parse error encountered.
LO81909 Server iOS8: Accepting an unprocessed reschedule on Apple device may result in two copies of event on the device.
LO81910 Server iOS8: Delete instance of a repeating event on Apple device may send recipients multiple update notices.
LO81913 Server iOS8: Traveler Companion and ToDo applications may not be able to utilize full capabilities on Apple iOS 8.x devices.
LO81914 Server Send mail cache could miss a duplicate mail send instance in an HA environment.
LO81916 Server Call to getLocalHost could impact sync performance.
LO81919 Server Send e-mail to self may not sync to Inbox on mobile device.

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