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Issues with latest Traveler version

 28 Februar 2017 09:30:28
IBM released a new Traveler version two weeks ago. This version includes a longer fixlist with important updates. Details can be found here: ibm-traveler-

But as it looks like, that there is an issue, which breaks the push of new mail.
I received comments on my blog post and offline feedback, that the push will break, when the mail server of the user is longer unavailable for whatever reason. A Traveler restart will fix it.

The new version seems to have a bug: At night, the mail server is daily down for backup purposes. After this, the Traveler is no longer able to reconnect. The result is that no more mails are pushed. After the manual restart of the tour again everything was ok.
Is only since the new version 16. Other users report this behavior.

So I would recommend to wait with your update to until this one is fixed.

Customers already updated to and run into this issue should open a PMR.
A downgrade to an older version is not a good option.

UPDATE 14.03.2017:

IBM was able to reproduce the behaviour and is already pushing out a Hot Fix to customers, who opened a PMR.

included Fixes in

 - LO91723: Users stop receiving mail after mail server is restarted
 - LO91733: Subject of mail replied to/forwarded from Windows 8 device may display incorrectly

They also published an APAR Entry:

Traveler has a problem when all mail servers for a specific
user's goes down at one time and after the mail servers are
restarted users are able to synch data from the device, but no
new mails come down to the device. This was introduce in fix pack.

The work around is to either do
- Tell Traveler Push Disable UserId and Tell Traveler Push Enable UserId for each effected user or
- Restart IBM Traveler after the mail files have been restarted. Either of these approach will resolve the issue.

I suppose that IBM will update the download package in Fix Central and Passport Advantage with a package that will contain the fix.

UPDATE 21.03.2017:

IBM released Traveler today:


1Rick Davis  28.02.2017 14:54:44  Issues with latest Traveler version

We are experiencing this problem and have opened a PMR.

2Pavel Zheltobryukhov  28.02.2017 15:08:37  Issues with latest Traveler version

I saw this issue before (, may be, or even early). We have two mail servers in cluster and oneTraveler server. If I shutdown both mail severs, Traveler doesn't connect to them anymore. I needed to restart Traveler server after at least one of cluster member back online.

3Ulrich Krause  01.03.2017 06:13:49  Issues with latest Traveler version

from the forum:

"We have been able to reproduce this scenario internally when a user does not have a mail replica defined. We are currently working on a fix.

It can take several days for the development team to build and validate the fix sufficiently to release to a customer ..."

4Gunawan T Wicaksono  02.03.2017 09:55:00  Issues with latest Traveler version

samething happened to us... after upgrade Traveler to some users not receive emails.

temporary solution, at console Traveler

Run command below to the affected user:

Tell Traveler Push Disable <userid>

Tell Traveler Push Enable <userid>

See if the user will be able to sync again with the traveler

if not, try restart traveler server and mail server too

5Joerg Wiechers  02.03.2017 19:45:23  Issues with latest Traveler version

I opened a PMR and got a fix yesterday ( Build 201702281514_40) and it works well. Monitoring users' mailfiles are still enabled after mail server restarted.

6Jay Marme  04.03.2017 00:41:59  Issues with latest Traveler version

Does the issue affect a high availability Traveler cluster as well?

7Detlev Poettgen  04.03.2017 11:21:34  Issues with latest Traveler version

Yes, it will.

If your Traveler servers can not connect to the mail server or mail cluster for what ever reason the users will get no longer new mails.

A fix is already available. Open a PMR to get the latest fix.


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