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Must read: HCL - Iris is back again

 14 September 2018 15:57:41
John Curtis of HCL has published a wonderful blog post, which answers some questions for me and confirms my opinion, what went wrong at IBM regarding Notes Domino and the ICS products in the last years.

The longer article should be read by everyone to understand how HCL ticks and which team got together again.

Image:Must read: HCL - Iris is back again

The post makes me optimistic for the future and my previous experiences with HCL are very positive. So much already as feedback from the participation in the Betas and the discussions around the HCL Factory Tour.

Iris is back and HCL brings new life, new ideas, regained freedoms and very important engagement into the products (Notes, Domino, Sametime, IBM Mobile Connect, On-Premises) which are neglected by IBM management during the last years.

I could already see and touch some upcoming things (unfortunately I'm not allowed to tell you more about this yet) and I only say one thing about it: Wonderful - A dream comes true

They're baaack!

Many thanks in any case to John Curtis for his view of things and the courage to post this.

Read John Curtis Blogpost here: The Iris Bloodline