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Using the Apple Mail App on iOS -you should upgrade to iOS 13.3

 11 Dezember 2019 09:13:46
Yesterday Apple released another update for iOS.

Image:Using the Apple Mail App on iOS -you should upgrade to iOS 13.3

This new version 13.3 finally fixes a problem with the display of mails in the Sent folder of the integrated Apple Mail App. The bug was introduced with 13.0.

HCL had already published a technote for this:

1) Duplicate Sent folder entries
As of iOS/iPadOS 13.0, Apple devices add an entry to the Sent folder for any emails sent from the Mail app. When the Sent folder is synced, the server entry is added and the device does not remove the original, resulting in a duplicate. HCL development has opened an Apple bug for this issue (FB7337231).

Based on the Apple Release Notes this should now be fixed:

This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements. This update:

        •        Fixes issues in Mail that may prevent downloading new messages
        •        Resolves issues that could cause incorrect characters to display in messages and duplication of sent messages in Exchange accounts

Therefore it would be useful to update the existing devices from 13.x to 13.3.

Note: On 20.12. a new Traveler Release v11.0 is expected. Traveler 11 supports Domino 9.0.1 / 10.0.1 / 11.0, so you don't have to update directly to Domino 11.  This brings with it an upgrade to ActvieSync 16, whereby attachments in calendar entries can now also be transferred.