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10 years netzgoetter blog

 30 Mai 2019 13:52:08
wow - how time flies. 10 YEARS

Image:10 years netzgoetter blog

Today I saw accidentally that I have been running the netzgoetter blog for 10 years now.

When I started it in 2009, I just wanted to give it a try. On the one hand whether I have something to report regularly and much more importantly whether someone is interested to read it.

Many thanks to everyone who subscribed to my blog or read it regularly. The 10 years have been a lot of fun for me in any case.

Although it has become a little quieter here, as I now post more via Twitter, but there are exciting topics in the coming months, which I would like to accompany here as well:

Professionally it is the upcoming takeover of the IBM Notes Domino business by HCL. A lot of positive things happened here last year and I am looking forward to the things to come.

In my private life, I am currently very much interested in e-mobility and photovoltaics. I have been driving purely electrically for three months now and love it!
Next month I will have my solar system with battery storage installed in order to charge my Tesla as CO2 neutral as possible from my own roof.  

But I'm not sure yet whether I should publish my experiences here or set up a separate new blog for it.

Thank you so much for your support during the last 10 years

PS: Since I am often asked, how you can thank me for a hint or solution, I have inserted a Buy-Me-A-Coffee link in the navigation. I'm always available for a cup of coffee :-)