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Feiertage im Lotus Notes gehen nur bis 2011

 3 Dezember 2011 12:05:06
Eigentlich ein alter Hut, aber war diese Woche ein Thema:

The Holidays listed in your Lotus Notes client appear to end in 2011. There are no holidays listed for 2012 or beyond.

The Domino Directory for an organization contains Holiday documents. These documents are updated with most releases and added to the server template, pubnames.ntf. If these documents have not been re-imported from the template in the past, the holiday documents have aged out.

This occurs most often in systems that were initially built in Version 6 or earlier, but may be in any Domino system.

Diagnosing the problem
In the Domino Administrator Client, under the Configuration tab there is a Miscellaneous folder containing the Holidays view. Alternately, you can navigate to the Holidays View directly in the Domino Directory. If the documents listed there show start dates of 1999 or 2002, the holiday documents need to be replaced from the template.

Resolving the problem
When upgrading Domino, Administrators should navigate to "Holidays" in the server Domino Directory and delete all existing holiday documents which were previously imported from the template. The Administrator should then run the agent "Import Holidays from Template" from the "Actions" menu; a new set of updated holidays will be imported.