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Happy Birthday iPhone

 9 Januar 2017 09:47:26
It was on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007 that Steve Jobs touted the iPhone as three game changing products in one: a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough internet communications device.

I can still remember the day, as if it was yesterday. Steve Jobs had a vision and 10 years later the vision had changed all of our lives.

For me the iPhone changed a lot. I had started together with Michael our own business focused on enterprise mobility.

"iPhone is an essential part of our customers' lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live, iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come."

Tim Cook, 8th Jan. 2017

To celebrate the iPhone:  
I switched off my iPhone 6S for today and will use my still running original iPhone. It will be fun :-)

Image:Happy Birthday iPhone