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IBM Mobile Connect - Fix for available

 2 Oktober 2014 20:13:36
Today IBM released a new Interims Fix for IBM Mobile Connect

From the APAR list, which can be found here: List of APAR fixes for IBM Mobile Connect
IV61919 Memory leak, http access services error path handler for badly formatted method requests.
IV62062 Gatekeeper shows empty mobile device container in the System - Users
IV62408 HTTP Access Services, add configuration option for maintaining session affinity to back end server after initial assignment.
IV63410 HTTP Access Services, SSL disabled. On redirects and rewrites, use the service URL as configured, dont change protocols or add the service port.
IV63934 HTTP Access Services, new function. Allow LTPA tokens generated by
third parties to be accepted by IMC. Default behavior is to reject and force a new login.
IV64821 Upgrading to a new Windows Connection Manager build is unsuccessfull even though the installer reported success. Symptoms seen are GK will not launch after an upgrade and/or the IMC build version did not change.