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IBM Mobile Connect - New Fix for 6.1.5 available

 28 Februar 2014 11:11:22
Since Friday there is a new fix for IBM Mobile Connect 6.1.5 available, which is called 6.1.5 (20140227).

If you are running IMC on a Windows Server, you should upgrade as soon as possible to get a higher throughput for large files.

From the APAR list, which can be found here: List of APAR fixes for IBM Mobile Connect 6.1.5
HTTP-AS Connections support, add logout detection to tear down the IMC session when using a browser to access connections.
Add a 90 second window on the expiration of LtpaTokens to account for clock skew between IMC and internal token servers.
Performance issue when using TCP on the backend. Fragmentation of 4k packets when encrypting leads to buffer overflows and delays. Configuration option added for finer control over SSL write buffer sizes.
Performance issues with Traveler on Windows 2003 Server. Loss of http body and build of managed sockets.

You can get the Fix from Fix Central here:  Recommended Maintenance: IBM Mobile Connect