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IBM Notes Traveler 8.5.3. UP2 IF2 may break Directory Lookup

 23 April 2013 12:23:14
Two customers called me this morning regarding issues with the Directory Lookup, which did no longer work after installing the Interims Fix 2 for IBM Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2.

The Interims Fix 2 contains a fix regarding the directory lookup, which will change the default behaviour:
LO74676 Server Honor ACL control by default for Corporate Look up.

With this Fix the Notes Traveler server was updated to enable ACL check by default for corporate lookup:
The current behaviour is that when Notes Traveler does a look up names from the device will find all of the fields even if reader fields have been defined. As work around can be done to set the notes,ini parameter NTS_LOOKUP_ENFORCE_ACL=1 to have Notes Traveler honor the reader fields in the names.nsf file.

This APAR will change the default behaviour to honor reader fields by default.

As you can see this was already possible in the past using the notes.ini entry NTS_LOOKUP_ENFORCE_ACL. But the setting was off by default.

If you take a look at your Traveler configuration using

tell traveler config

You should find this setting in the list:

Image:IBM Notes Traveler 8.5.3. UP2 IF2 may break Directory Lookup

After IF2 this is on by default (NTS_LOOKUP_ENFORCE_ACL=1).

Switching back the setting to 0 and restarting the Traveler server solved the issue at customer site and the corporate lookups works again.

If you want to enforce the ACL you should check your ACL settings, so that the Traveler Server and your Traveler users are able to access the directories and most important the da.nsf on your mail and / or Traveler server.