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IBM Notes Traveler and Apple iOS8

 9 September 2014 10:59:57
Today IBM published a Technote regarding a statement, if IBM Notes Traveler will work and will be supported together with iOS8.

UPDATE 15.08.2014: You should update your Traveler Servers to 9.0.1 IF6 / IF7 / 8.5.3 UP IF7 details here

To sum it up, if you are running Traveler with the latest Traveler Interim Fix (9.0.1 IF5 or IF6 or 8.5.3 UP2 IF6 ) you are save. But it looks like, that there will be a new Interims Fix available in near future after the final release of iOS8.

The good use for customers still running 8.5.3 UP2, you will get iOS8 support, too.

There is one new iOS8 feature that you should be aware of and may be force IBM to provide a new Interims Fix for the Traveler Server.

iOS8 will support to enable and disable the Out of Office Service from within the Active Sync Account Settings. So far I tested it, it works together with Traveler 9.0.1 IF5 and iOS8 Beta. But Apple lets the User to enable Out of Office without a set End Date. So that OoO runs forever.
It works, but in that case the generated Out of Office notification send out to the sender will contain "I am out of office until NULL"

IBM should handle this Null value and will have to ship a new Interim Fix.

From the Technote:

Q1. Is support for Apple iOS 8.x devices planned for Notes Traveler?

Yes. Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2 and later versions will support iOS 8.x devices when they become available.


Q3. Will Notes Traveler Companion & To Do applications support iOS 8.x?

Yes, we are expecting to very soon push to iTunes new versions of Notes Traveler Companion and To Do applications that will support iOS 8.x devices. This Technote will be updated with specific version information once the new versions are posted.

Q4. What Notes Traveler functionality will be supported on devices running iOS 8.x?
Functionality and features comparable with those in previously supported releases. New features added in iOS 8.x will not immediately be supported with Notes Traveler; however, support for new features may be introduced over time. This technote will be updated to reflect any new feature limitations or statements of support.

Q5. Should I upgrade my Notes Traveler server now in preparation for iOS 8.x devices?

Notes Traveler server versions 9.0.1 Interim Fix 5 and Interim Fix 6 include an update to correctly recognize and handle iOS 8.x devices (per APAR LO81825). Prior to this update, iOS 8.x devices may not have been able to connect to the Notes Traveler server if security settings prohibit unsecure devices or if restricting access by device type or user agent. For additional information on these releases, see the Index of Recommended Maintenance.

Q6. Will there be any Notes Traveler server updates for iOS 8x?

Yes, most likely. We are currently testing Notes Traveler with iOS 8 devices. And although most functions should work without issue from day one, closely after the release of iOS 8 it is very likely that we will release a Notes Traveler Interim Fix to address any issues that we find during testing. This technote will updated to indicate any recommended Interim Fixes should and when they become available.

Details can be found here: Q&A about IBM Notes Traveler support for Apple iOS 8.x