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Issues regarding Attachment Handling for IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF6

 19 September 2014 11:46:21
Yesterday and today customers contacted me, that there are some issues regarding IBM Notes Traveler and iOS8/Android after upgrading to Traveler 9.0.1 IF6.

It looks like Attachements with special characters like Space, '+' or '&' in the file name can not be loaded by the Device
and the CPU load on the Traveler server is unnormal high.

You will see this log entries:

[0100:0017-08F0] 19.09.2014 10:20:37 Notes Traveler: SEVERE Frank Tester
Action(0)=Stream, userCN=CN=Frank Tester/O=Company, deviceId=CN=Frank Tester/O=Company, database=mail/dev.nsf,
server=CN=LNTEST01/O=Company, refid=mac mde.pdf@4022208FD320E3A3C1257D58002C42C7,
hookId=null, file_sz=-1, file_name=null, contentType=null

[0100:0017-08F0] 19.09.2014 10:20:38 Notes Traveler: SEVERE Frank Tester[3T94T2HKBL2PDDGT6JB2R8QIVC]
Internal Error: Debug Data: Could not find file attachment w/ UNID=4022208FD320E3A3C1257D58002C42C7
Error(404)=Entry not found in index

The original file name is: mac+mde.pdf

We opened PMRs and are waiting for a response from IBM.
Will post an update here.

Update 26.09.2014 I:

Got feedback from IBM:

"We have PMRs open and some APARs in the works for the attachments already.  People should continue to open PMRs   ...  It will be at least a few weeks, but probably mid-October ...."

So-  If you have issues, open a PMR, please. You will get a Hotfix.

Update 26.09.2014 II:

IBM published an official Technote. You can get a special hotfix via PMR by request!

Update 07.11.2014 III:

Today IBM published a new Interim Fix! Details can be found here