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IBM Mobile Connect a.k.a. LMC v6.1.5 Release Date

 20 November 2012 20:04:53
Aus Lotus Mobile Connect (LMC) wird IBM Mobile Connect (IMC)!

Die neue IMC Version 6.1.5 steht ab dem 26.11. zum Download zur Verfügung und bringt einige wichtige Dinge mit, die zum Aufbau einer Traveler HA Umgebung benötigt werden:
  • HTTP access services that now support single URL configuration and URL rewriting for various types of documents common to IBM Connections and other HTTP transaction-based applications. In addition, support for parsing certain document types, scanning for internal URLs, and rewriting them to force the traffic through the IBM Mobile Connect secure transport delivers additional flexibility.
  • Applications such as IBM Connections Mobile, IBM Lotus® iNotes® , and others can now include documents with links to other internal sites and have those sites reachable through IBM Mobile Connect. Configuration is simplified and helps extend specific web-based solutions to the mobile workforce without exposing the entire intranet.
  • Added support for connecting to multiple backend application servers (for example, IBM Lotus Notes® Traveler High Availability servers) in a single HTTP access service definition that enables improved deployment flexibility. You now get capabilities such as load balancing, failover, and URL pattern matching and substitution.
  • Added support for IBM Connections Mobile and IBM Sametime® Mobile awareness and integration that provides support for detecting IBM Connections Mobile traffic, IBM Sametime Mobile traffic, and enables functions such as URL rewriting and single URL configuration. You get options such as photo lookup so you can use the same HTTP service definition improving the ease of configuration, deployment, and end-user capabilities.
  • An updated Connection Manager that provides 64-bit support for AIX® , Linux , and Windows . You can take advantage of current hardware and operating systems to better leverage 64-bit implementations.

Somit steht mit IMC eine sichere und einfach zu implementierende zentrale Secure Reverse Proxy Lösung zur Verfügung, über die Traveler HA, Connections, Sametime und oder iNotes den Usern für die mobile Nutzung zur Verfügung gestellt werden kann.

Sprechen Sie uns an - wir haben IMC 6.1.5 bereits für Sie getestet und selbst im Einsatz.  

Announcement: IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.5 provides enhanced platform support and integration with IBM Connections Mobile, IBM Sametime Mobile, and IBM Lotus Traveler