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Lotus Notes Domino 8.5.3 Fixpack 4 available

 15 April 2013 21:50:27
IBM hat heute fuer die Version 8.5.3 das Fixpack 4 veroeffentlicht. Das Fixpack steht ab sofort zum Download zur bereit.

Neben 70 Fehlerbeseitigungen bringt Fixpack 4 auch Support für den Notes Client unter Windows 8 und für den Domino Server unter Windows Server 2012 mit.

Aus der Fixlist:


SPR# GMAA8TQEVG - Fixes issue where view column sorting isn't maintained in the inbox view. This is a regression in 8.5.2
SPR# BBSZ82DCP8 - Fixes issue where when a user is renamed to a different Hierarchical Certifier, they get prompted the first time they launch the Notes client, to accept Cross Certificates for Organizations that they are not a member of.
SPR# RCEA8JGM72 - Fixes issue on Red Hat 6 where the Admin Client does not show disk space
SPR# JSHN8ZZ2AB - Fixes Client focus issue when using an outline entry pointing at a view. This is a regression in 8.5.3 FP2.
SPR# JKAE8M3DVD - Fixes intermittent Notes Client crash in AsyncReceivePoll -> PostReceive -> OSVBlockAddr -> Panic


SPR# ADC8QXA8M - Fixes Server crash with Unknown Error in process Unknown and function DbClose2
SPR# BFUY8XNL8M - Fixes Server crash when closing documents associated with a database that is being closed in the imap process
SPR# MJBG8MV72E - Fixes Domino Server router hang while doing a message recall
SPR# RFRF92V973 - Fixes issue where some Chinese characters get lost in a message sent by iNotes user
SPR# RNOG8VDLTW - Fixes issue where if a user is renamed to an OU an error is received if there is a policy assigning that OU to the ID Vault
SPR# MKHS8L3TR3 - Fixes issue where users are prompted serveral times to create local cross-certificate after being moved to a new org using Adminp
SPR# JWAE7L5SU2 - Fixes Server SMTP crash in NSFItemAppend
SPR# TSAO8XFGBQ - Fixes Server crash with unexpected internal error returned to logger: 0x200F2010
SPR# JPMS8WVLW9 - Fixes performance issue where Clients are unable to connect to Server due to issue in UNK processing. This is a regression from 8.5.2.
SPR# XCXC7MEDPQ - Fixes server crash during conversion of a document to html by the http process
SPR# THIO8T2FJ6 - Fxes issue where after upgrading to Domino 8.5.3, the subject of a mail is lost if that subject contains Japanese characters. This is a regression in 8.5.3.
SPR# ANIA8RVE8Y - Fixes Server crash in Domidx while removing databases from the Domain Index
SPR# ANIA8JG9BN - Defensive fix to avoid an issue where the Event Task Crashes With "Panic: Osvblockaddr: Bad Vblock Handle." We now check to ensure that the VBlock handle is NOT NULL before using it.SPR# MBOD8GZQBH - Fixed an issue where the mail file path (replica reference) of a replica copied using dbmove is incorrect on the target server.


SPR# TSAO8MAEHH - When Alternate Name Support is enabled, while in the inbox, modification of the "To" Address is not reflected in the Altsendto Field. This is a companion fix to SPR IISA8WQABL. This is a regression in 8.5.2.
SPR# IISA8WQABL - When Alternate Name Support is enabled, while in the preview pain, modification of the "To" Address is not reflected in the Altsendto Field. This is a companion fix to SPR TSAO8MAEHH. This is a regression in 8.5.2.

Gesamte Fixlist: 8.5.3 Fixpack4

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