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Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2 IF1 available

 5 März 2013 14:32:27
Today IBM releases a new Interims Fix 1 for Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 2.

Please check the following fixlist:
APAR # Component Abstract
LO72589 Server Server unable to process device notice actions.
LO72784 Server Contact primary address lost when updating contact from an Android device.
LO72811 Server Invalid host IP address detected but not logged.
LO72924 Android Android 4.2 tablet, Send and Save options are greyed out during reply.
LO72995 Server Mail sent to ambiguous group name sent to group in wrong domain.
LO73000 Server Chair recieves accept notice when user declined meeting from device.
LO73109 Server Auto push of To Do data to Apple device may work due to missing certificate.
LO73119 Server Server enforces NOACCESS for default user on LotusTraveler.nsf even if Administrator allows access.
LO73173 Server Server will not start on small number of Windows systems.
LO73184 Android Mail application on device closes unexpectedly.
LO73188 Server Non-standard encrypted mail can not be read on Android device.
LO73236 Android Android periodically refreshes all mail data when not required.
LO73263 Android Mail not identified as encrypted in the mail compose UI on Android.
LO73309 Android Message forwarded on Android missing the body if the subject contains special characters.
LO73326 Server Apple device may take longer then expected to time out due to poor network connection.
LO73486 Server Attendee received cancellation notice when chair removed them from one instance of event on Apple device.
LO73534 Server Mail sent from an Android device can not be recalled.
LO73538 Android To Do application unexpectedly closes on Android device.
LO73542 Android Duplicate buttons in UI on some Android devices.
LO73565 Android Download of client update on Android may take a couple of tries.
LO73566 Android View settings from Inbox on Android and not brought to mail settings by default.
LO73569 Server Server crash downloading certain attachments.
LO73611 Server Unable to add a group to the Device Approval notify list when in HA mode.
LO73674 Android Mail application on Android device unexpectedly closes when viewing a very large mail.
LO73711 Android Unable to send mail from Android device to a group name containing special characters.
LO73746 Nokia Sender receives copy on Reply-To-All from a Nokia device.
LO73755 Server To Do on Apple device may not sync if Administrator locks the Applications to Sync.
LO73767 Server Older Android client unable to perform corporate look up against newer server.
LO73784 Server Ensure proper recipient domain when sending mail from Traveler device.
LO73803 Server Unable to remove user from Administrator interface.
LO73806 Server Update request notice is sent to the device with no ability to take action.
LO73822 Server Unable to sync against a particular mail server.
LO73830 Nokia Some Italian characters are not displayed correctly on Nokia device UI.
LO73841 Server Unable to add attendees to a meeting that has not attendees on Apple device.
LO73860 Server Corporate look up fails for argument that contains an apostrophe.
LO73964 Server HTTP server crash due to IO Exception
LO74016 Server Automatic database defrag may not run when expected.
LO74052 Android Look up not working on Samsung Galaxy S III devices.
LO74056 Android Older Android device may be missing some calendar entries.
LO74090 Android Mail application closed unexpectedly after re-entering password.
LO74122 Server Apple device missing the OS level identification in administrator interface.
LO74161 Server Duplicate security policy after migrate to an HA environment.
LO74163 Server Duplicate documents in administration interface after an upgrade.
LO74164 Server Schema version error when migrating to HA environment.

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