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New IBM Notes Traveler Companion released - bringing three important new Features

 27 Juli 2013 18:30:24
You wish that IBM Notes Traveler supports enabling Out of Office from your iOS device?

Here we go!

The upcoming new version of IBM Notes Traveler together with the today released IBM Notes Traveler Companion App  v9.0.0.1 let you update your Out of Office settings.

But there are two more features:

- Companion supports multiple mail accounts
- Extended Attachment Handling

Mail attachments are a particularly interesting area for Mobile Application Management. In fact IBM Notes Traveler offer administrative controls to help prevent the inadvertent leaking of secure attachments to uncontrolled and potentially unsecured locations.

IBM Notes Traveler's will route mail attachments to another app, namely Companion. However, the original message does not actually contain any attachment, encrypted or otherwise, but rather a link to the actual message containing the attachment(s).

Image:New IBM Notes Traveler Companion released - bringing three important new Features

This link opens the message with its attachments in Companion, which can also preview certain common file types, but also uses the IBM Notes Traveler policy to determine which apps are approved to open attachments. For example, the administrator may allow the IBM Symphony viewer to open Open Office documents.

IBM Notes Traveler will be released in a few days. The new Companion is already released in Apples Appstore:

IBM Notes Traveler Companion