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Lotus Traveler Fixpack released

 1 März 2012 11:39:49
Heute hat die IBM das Fixpack 2 fuer Lotus Traveler 8.5.3 zum Download bereit gestellt.

Das Fixpack beinhaltet einige wichtige Fixes und Erweiterungen.

Insbesondere für Nokia (wegen fehlender Kalendereinträge) & Android Devices ist das Fix zu empfehlen.

LO65060 Server Some Calendar entries do not show on Nokia device.
LO65138 Nokia/WM Relative redirect (302) not handled correctly by Nokia and WM Clients.
LO65225 Server Use of groups to assign Domino policy to Traveler users not working.
LO65270 Android MailTo link may not work on some Android devices.
LO65271 Android Not able to sync on Android device that does not support Data Roaming.
LO65298 Server Unable to delete Lotus Traveler user if the user is already deleted from Domino directory.
LO65348 Server Folder names may be truncated or hidden folders visible on device.
LO65435 Android Short cut icons may disappear when upgrading some devices to Android 3.0.
LO65473 Server/Nokia Notes imported Holidays may show as wrong dates on Nokia S3 devices.
LO65542 Android Unable to click links in mail and calendar on some Android devices.
LO65568 Android Improved support for Android 4.0 devices.
LO65705 Server Unable to sync in some cases when LDAP ID does not match Domino ID.
LO65718 Server Lotus Traveler does not immediately switch back to primary mail server when available.
LO65759 Android Reply from Android device may not use Reply-To information in e-mail.
LO65923 Android Contact app could display wrong data on Android device.
LO65947 Server High CPU when user syncs a large number of items.
LO65948 Android Android mail client may close when SD card removed from device.
LO66047 Server DBCS data corrupted from device due to Apple not reporting correct encoding (GB2312)
LO66071 Server Contact e-mail address not synced to device from old mail template.
LO66141 Server Accept/Decline notices not received for meeting created on mobile device when using DSAPI Authentication.
LO66170 Server Phone message return receipt sent more than once, once from client and again from mobile device.
LO66187 Server Unable to delete old user name for renamed user.
LO66217 Server Calendar entry with very large number of repeating instances may cause server crash.
LO66243 Server Large event may cause Calendar app to close on Android device.
LO66352 Nokia Font to small on some Nokia S3 devices.
LO66391 Server Invalid address format sent to Android device for name look up.
LO66439 Android Reply-To-All from Android device also includes the sender.
LO66540 Android Alarms not reset on Android device after restart of calendar application.
LO66564 Android Widgets may get out of sync when Android mail application is restarted.
LO66652 Server Folder sync problems when parent and child folders have the same name.
LO66670 Server INetSendTo not set correctly on mail forwarded from mobile device.
LO66739 Server Meeting decline notice may be confusing when keep notice in inbox is selected in Notes client.
LO66742 Server Some recurring calendar events may not display on Nokia device.
LO66830 Server Over quota mail may generate "Note item not found" error and not sync correctly to device.
LO66868 Android Client may sync on restart during off peak schedule.
LO66950 Android Android client closes on some tablet devices running older OS versions.
LO66979 Android Small memory leak downloading attachments on Android device.
LO66980 Server Attachment with spaces in the name may not sync to device.
LO67103 Server Policy include/exclude list does not handle white space characters correctly.
LO67147 Server Change mail address for contact on Apple device may not sync to the server.
LO67211 Server Room info not included when adding attendees on Apple device.
LO67212 Server Corporate look up fails with index out of bounds exception.
LO67215 Android E-mail address with comma may cause sync to fail.
LO67280 Server Preserve local data store on new installation of Lotus Traveler server.

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