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Traveler 8.5.2 FP4 verfuegbar

 18 Oktober 2011 19:03:53
Seit dem 06.10. steht das aktuelle Fixpack für Lotus Traveler zum Download bereit.

Wie bereits in den letzten Fixpacks sind auch diesmal neue Funktionen im Fix enthalten:

   •        Allow Scheduling of Database Defragmentation for Enhanced Performance(Improved in 8524)
   •        Data Only Wipe for Apple Devices (new in 8523)
   •        Repeated Crash Prevention (new in 8523)
   •        Maximum Filter Window Limits (new in 8523)
   •        Address Encoding for Apple Devices(new in 8521)


When upgrading to, the defrag function may run automatically during the first start of the Lotus Traveler server. This will happen any time the database schema is updated as a result of the upgrade. The server will start normally once the defragmentation is completed. Depending on database size and system capabilities, the defragmentation may take longer than 30 minutes. Please plan this time into any scheduled maintenance window for upgrade. It is recommended to manually run the database defrag approximately once a month for enhanced performance.

How to run defrag (, and later releases)

- Add NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS to the notes.ini parameter.
For example, to set interval of 30 days add: NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS=30

- Restart the Lotus Traveler server. From that point on if Lotus Traveler server is restarted
and it has been 30 days since the last defrag, then the defrag operation will run.

- To force a defrag to run, simply delete the parameter NTS_LAST_DEFRAG from the notes.ini file and restart the server. If NTS_DEFRAG_INTERVAL_DAYS is set and there is no last defrag timestamp, then the server will perform a defrag and reset the timestamp.

How to run defrag (, and releases)

- Shutdown the Lotus Traveler and the Domino HTTP tasks on the server

    tell traveler quit 

    tell http quit

- Be sure both the http and traveler process are completely stopped.
- Start Traveler using the defrag parameter

    load traveler -defrag

- The defrag command will run as Lotus Traveler Server starts. The server will start normally once the defrag operation completes.

Note: The defrag operation may take more than 30 minutes to complete depending on database size and system capabilities.

- If the Domino HTTP task is not started automatically by Lotus Notes Traveler, then start HTTP manually.: 
load http

APAR # Component Abstract
LO61968 Server Error 8 on Windows Mobile device during calendar sync.
LO62165 Server Unable to process invitations on Android if Administrator prohibits attachments.
LO62189 Server Partitioned server install is missing some files in additional data directories.
LO62333 Server Sync slows over time for Apple user that sends larger number of mails from device.
LO62464 Windows Mobile Device hangs on soft reset after client install.
LO62467 Windows mobile Simple pin length changed from 4 to 7 after client install.
LO62522 Server Mail timestamp on device does not match Notes client.
LO62527 Server Some in-line attachments do not sync to device.
LO62529 Server Unknown contact anniversary will sync as today's date to Apple device.
LO62635 Server Server crash processing mime format invitation.
LO62635 Android Improved credential security on Android device.
LO62708 Server Unexpected @ in recipient address will prevent correct delivery of mail sent from device.
LO62911 Server Installer may hang determining installed Domino version.
LO62947 Android Reply all from device may add extra re: prefix.
LO63013 Android Device may prompt for password during action that is not password restricted.
LO63143 Android Calendar alarms not reset after force close of Calendar application.
LO63358 *Server Embedded attachment may not sync to Android device.
LO63527 *Server User does not sync for 24 hours after name change in Domino directory.
LO63528 *Android Hour truncated on Week View of Calendar applications on some devices.
LO64073 *Android Unexpected network environment causes device not to sync intermittently.
LO64114 *Server Unexpected response from Apple device may cause replace data sync.
LO64337 *Server Folders starting with paren ( character are not synced to devce.
LO64380 *Android Can not edit calendar entry on Sony Ericsson device.
LO64127 *Windows Mobile Lotus Mobile Installer continues to prompt for update when device already updated.

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