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    Traveler available bringing IBM Verse App - Google Cloud Messaging - Busytime Lookup - Trash-Sync

     1 April 2015 10:37:23
    Today IBM released the new version of IBM Notes Traveler.

    It is not a only a fix but more a feature release.

    The new features are:

    IBM Verse for iOS client support

    If you are part of the IBM Verse for Apple iOS program, you can connect the IBM Verse app to this version of the IBM Traveler server. There are some differences in functionality when the IBM Verse app connects to this on premises version of IBM Traveler versus when it connects to Connections Cloud.

    More details in a few days in an additional post, when the Verse App will be available.

    Trash folder syncing

    Support for the syncing of the Trash folder is now available in the client. However, it is dependent on the IBM Traveler server also providing this support. When the client is running against a server that supports Trash, a Trash folder will appear in IBM Traveler Mail. Deleted items will appear in the Trash folder and may be restored or permanently deleted from the Trash folder.

    Invitee status

    As the meeting organizer or chairperson, you now can see the response status for the attendees of your meeting on your mobile device.

    Google Cloud Messaging support for IBM Traveler for Android clients

    This version of the IBM Traveler server can now use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for real time push notifications to keep your Mail, Calendar, Contact and To Do data on your IBM Traveler for Android clients up to date.

    Using GCM can greatly improve the battery life of Android devices using IBM Traveler, as IBM Traveler no longer needs to stay constantly connected via HTTP to the IBM Traveler server for push notifications.

    To use GCM - you must enable the Traveler server to initiate outbound HTTPS connections to the Google GCM Gateway on your firewall.

    So I would recommend to upgrade your servers to this new release because of the new features and the longer fixlist.

    Details Whats New: here

    Fixlist: here

    Download via Fix Central here