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Unterschiedliche favicon pro Datenbank

 20 März 2009 17:04:19
Um pro Notes Datenbank unterschiedliche FavIcons im Browser anzuzeigen, gibt es eine einfache Möglichkeit.

Habe ich in einer IBM-Technote gerade wieder gefunden:

You can take advantage of a standard function used by Web servers to change the icon. The default icon file name is favicon.ico, and it is located by default in the Domino/Data/domino/html directory. To change the Favorite icon, you can rename any 16 x 16 BMP file to "favicon.ico", and they copy into the Domino/Data/domino/html directory for display by any database accessed on that Domino Web server.

You can also change the Favorite icon for only one database, yet leave the default icon in place for other databases. To do so, add a "LINK REF" line to the HTML Head Content section. The general syntax is:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="test.ico">

Using the Lotus Domino Designer client, add that line to the HTML Head Content section for that database. Note that you need to add the line as a string, and therefore escape the special characters by using the backslash character ( \ ), as shown in this example:

<link rel=\"shortcut icon\" href=\"test.ico\">

To specify a directory other than the default, specify the location relative to the default directory, as follows:

<link rel=\"shortcut icon\" href=\"..\\..\\test.ico\">

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