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Reuters: BlackBerry thinking of launching Android phone

 12 Juni 2015 11:29:41

BlackBerrry (NASDAQ:BBRY) is thinking of launching its first phone to run on Google's version of Android, 4 sources tell Reuters.
The decision is reportedly tied to BlackBerry's efforts to "pivot to focus on software and device management.

"BlackBerry is coming off an FQ4 in which end-user phone sales fell to 1.6M from 1.9M in FQ3 and 3.4M a year earlier; IDC estimates the company's smartphone OS share was down to 0.3% in calendar Q1.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry has estimated it needs to sell 10M phones/year to break even on its hardware ops.

As it is, BlackBerry has partnered with Samsung to provide security software/services for Samsung's Android hardware, and has launched plenty of cross-platform security and MDM solutions.
BB10 phones support Android apps via Amazon's Appstore for Android, but don't have access to Google apps/services that are baked into Google's version of Android or distributed via the Play Store.

via Reuters:

My 50 cents: Blackberry will not be able to survice as a hardware manufacturer with their own OS plattfrom. Switching to Android will not solve their issues but will add new. In near future BlackBerry will be "only" one more MDM & MAM vendor in the market.

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