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What are IBM’s plans surrounding IBM HTTP Server (IHS) support in Domino?

 13 März 2015 16:50:47
A simple question and a simple answer.  It's official dead.


What are IBM's plans surrounding IBM HTTP Server (IHS) support in Domino?


IBM plans to remove support for IBM HTTP Server (IHS) in a future Domino maintenance release now that native Domino TLS functionality has been added to the product. IBM HTTP Server proved a good solution for Domino customers who needed better security functionality over the native Domino HTTP protocol on a Windows server platform. However, that solution is limited in scope since it covers only HTTPS and Windows.

With native implementation of TLS 1.0, as detailed in technote 1687167, Domino support of IBM HTTP Server is no longer needed. The native implementation is better since it covers all platforms and a broader set of protocols beyond HTTP.

via IBM Technote: